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For us, „LED turns green“ is not enough  – we test components parameter by parameter in such depth that no questions are left unanswered; step by step, applying our test procedures in conformity to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Our concrete goal is to gain a comprehensive impression of the components’ physical condition, since this is where wear and tear immediately becomes noticeable.
  • The technology is subjected to extensive tests to satisfy optical, visual and electrical criteria. Furthermore, we conduct function and performance tests in which components operate at 100 per cent for periods of over 24 hours.
  • Our tests include bit error checking, optical spectrum measurement and examination of transmission and reception power of laser components up to 40G (STM-256/OC768) according to the specifications listed on the manufacturer’s technical data sheets.

Of course all tests are conducted in line with industry standards and conform to valid guidelines – we believe quality and objectivity are key preconditions for informative and reliable testing. All processes are precisely documented and available for your examination at any time.

To see for yourself how we conduct our tests and what methods we use, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our test lab.

Testing in a nutshell

  • Basic function testing
  • Transmission and reception power
  • 24-hour endurance tests
  • Fault analysis
  • Detailed test logs

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