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Refurbishment means quality-assured reconditioning of products for further use or sale. In the telecommunications sector, refurbishment means that after years of continuous operation  a component is cleaned and its functionality tested.

In our industry the notion often prevails that a quick "dust-off" with compressed air is good enough – but we know better.

Refurbishment of telecommunications equipment at ORC is performed exclusively by highly qualified professional staff. The used components are visually examined for damage or missing parts, and compressed air is used to remove grit and dust from the circuit board. The components are then manually cleaned under the microscope using special ESD brushes, cloths and cleaning agents to remove fine dust.

We pay special attention to optical connectors. Even microscopic particles on a connector’s fibre core may be enough to severely disrupt transmission, or even block the signal completely in the worst case. For this reason it is important to thoroughly clean optical components on transmission units in long service using suitable tools, and check the result with the help of a fibre-optic microscope.

The result of our refurbishment process is a component that is visually and functionally as good as new.

Rely on us to perform this kind of precision job! 

Refurbishment in a nutshell

  • In-depth cleaning of circuit boards and installed components
  • In-depth cleaning of connectors and fibres
  • Extensive function and performance testing

Fiber tip before and after cleaning

Vorher   Nachher
Before   After

Another component before and after cleaning

Vorher   Nachher
Before   After

In addition, dust and dirt are professionally removed from both the circuit boards and the mounted components. The result is an optical unit that is visually as good as new.

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