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Sale – not scrapping!

We buy your used components and systems at attractive prices, benefiting you and the environment – reusing is always the best choice of all the alternatives!



Some time or other, all technologies reach the end of their life.It is not always possible to sell everything or put it to further use. We provide you with disposal solutions. 

We offer simple, convenient disposal of legacy systems:

  • You provide us with the basic information. What exactly needs to be disposed of, and what is the quantity? Where and when should it be collected?

  • We either collect the technology ourselves or commission a carrier.
  • We disassemble the systems and separate waste according to legal requirements and directives. We hold certification as a waste disposal company from TÜV Hesse, confirming the rigorous quality standards we apply to these particularly sensitive processes.
  • We remove any stickers or labels with company data, registration numbers or similar from the systems.
  • If you require the legacy system’s serial numbers for deletion in your inventory, we record this data and send it to you.

You can rest assured that your legacy systems are recycled according to all legal requirements and directives.

If your recycling material contains any components we can use for possible repairs and maintenance, the above-mentioned services are generally free of charge.

Recycling in a nutshell:

  • We collect your legacy systems
  • Disassembly of material according to legal requirements and guidelines
  • Removal of stickers with critical data
  • Recording of data for deletion in your inventory

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