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Sale – not scrapping!

We buy your used components and systems at attractive prices, benefiting you and the environment – reusing is always the best choice of all the alternatives!



Sooner or later even the most reliable technology reaches the end of its life. There are two courses of action: you either choose disposal, and thereby add to the electronic waste mountain – or sell your legacy systems to us.

The second choice involves many more advantages:

  • In most cases, even outdated systems are still functional – we are always in contact with customers who need spare parts.

  • Commissioning a recycling company involves excessive effort and cost – we offer more attractive rates.

  • By calling in other partners to dispose of your technology, you may be required to take care of much of the work yourselves – whereas we take care of all disassembly and transport. Worldwide.

After thorough testing and refurbishing, we can resell your systems to our customers. You can be assured of our discretion and reliability when we sell your legacy systems.

We are permanently looking for optical transmission technology (SDH, xWDM) from all manufacturers. Our particular interest is in: Alcatel-Lucent, Marconi, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Infinera, Nortel, Juniper, Cisco.

Or is your plan to withdraw systems of other manufacturers or different technologies from your network? Contact us – we work with you to develop a solution.

Purchase in a nutshell

  • Optical transmission technology from all manufacturers
  • Guaranteed best rates
  • Complete disassembly by ORC
  • Free collection (worldwide)

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