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Sale – not scrapping!

We buy your used components and systems at attractive prices, benefiting you and the environment – reusing is always the best choice of all the alternatives!


End-Of-Life Management

End of the line for reliable technology? Not with us! Even after manufacturers announce their discontinuation of proven equipment – your operations can continue with our help. Our spare parts programme enables you to continue benefiting from reliable functionality and quality.

The process:

  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the installed base and identify the component types that are critical to continued network operation, focusing on enhancing existing systems and replacing malfunctioning components.

  • We work with you to draw up a detailed list of the quantities needed, based on the remaining service life. We then analyse spare parts availability with regard to this period. This data enables us to calculate the size of the spare parts pool.
  • We use this information as the basis for a feasibility study.
  • In the next step, we configure our test systems according to your existing configurations. We use this 1:1 replica of your system environment to ensure the technology we provide meets your requirements and expectations.
  • At the same time we build a spare parts pool – located at either your warehouse or ours.
  • In the course of the project we align the spare parts stocks with the actual consumption of components.

End-of-Life-Management in a nutshell

  • Requirements analysis
  • Consultancy and dimensioning of the required system pool
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical implementation workshop
  • Programme launch
  • Continuous monitoring of requirements and alignment of spare parts stocks

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