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Sale – not scrapping!

We buy your used components and systems at attractive prices, benefiting you and the environment – reusing is always the best choice of all the alternatives!



We are happy to take over any systems you no longer require and want to sell. For this reason, we take care of the complete disassembly procedure personally – which would not be the case if you recycled your used technology in the "normal way" or scrapped it completely.

We offer simple disassembly of legacy systems:

  • Power off the technology in question.

  • A team of specialist technicians and logistics experts remove all system and component cables and connections and deinstall the whole unit professionally from the rack.
  • Our priority in this process is to avoid interference with other technology still in operation.
  • If you plan to withdraw an entire engineering room from operation, we take care of the whole disassembly – with the exception of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • We pack the technology and transport it directly to the agreed destination – for example, your warehouse or our company.

We consult closely with you to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. We align our activities to your working rhythm. You specify the time that suits you best – we will be there.

Disassembly in a nutshell

  • Complete disassembly of cables and professional removal of the systems in question
  • No disruption to systems still in operation
  • Complete disassembly of engineering rooms if desired
  • Professional evacuation
  • Flexible disassembly schedule, e.g. during off-peak hours

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