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Our portfolio also includes the following technology sectors:

  • 48V power supplies
  • Access network systems
    (DSLAM; multi-service gateways etc.)
  • IP systems
    (routers & switches)

ISO 9001


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Smooth operation is important, but not the only aspect when it comes to determining the quality of telecommunication systems. We apply a particularly wide-ranging definition of quality in our standards, as the only way to build a relationship of lasting trust with our customers.

tl_files/orc/logo_fully_tested.png – Our seal of quality. For you, this means:
  • Trained professional staff are the most important criterion in working with highly complex telecommunications technology.  ORC’s technical department is staffed exclusively with engineers, technicians and electricians with certified professional qualifications and in-depth telecommunications knowledge.

    The staff in our sales department have many years of experience in the industry. We provide professional consulting on all purchase and sale issues.
  • Our internal processes are always fully documented and traceable, thus ensuring that all procedures are carried out according to defined directives and regulations. This enables us to provide consistent  quality standards at the highest possible level.

  • Where testing environments, testing technology and methods are concerned, we comply with proven and accredited standards. We impose exacting quality controls on the units to be tested, so you can rely upon our products in your everyday work. "FULLY TESTED" is a sign of quality that has to be earned. We issue a minimum one-year warranty on refurbished technology – no matter how heavy your demands on the systems and components are in practice.

  • Packaging is also part of our seal of quality. When shipping components, we pay attention not only to ESD shielding, but also to protection from mechanical damage during delivery. 

    At the same time, we strive to avoid using more packaging material than strictly necessary; disposal always involves unnecessary efforts  and environmental impacts – whether the responsibility lies with the sender or the recipient.

  • Delivery is also a main aspect in our quality strategy. If the recipient is a reasonable distance from our location, we personally deliver used systems wherever possible. Otherwise we work exclusively with logistics partners who are experts in the correct procedures to deliver highly sensitive technology both fast and securely.
  • Waste disposal is a particularly quality-related issue for us. Here too, we apply uncompromising standards. We now hold certification from TÜV Hesse as a waste disposal company, confirming that we are officially authorised to collect, transport, process and store electrical and electronic “legacy waste”. This certification is subject to extremely rigorous inspection criteria, particularly concerning compliance with strict environmental and conservation regulations, and is only awarded to carefully selected companies. We see it all the more as confirmation of our exacting self-imposed standards with respect to far-sighted, responsible treatment of resources.
  • Last but not least, we are well aware that a promise is only as good as its fulfilment. For this reason, we ensure that our quality management is regularly inspected by accredited and neutral authorities. TÜV (Technical Control Association) Hesse awarded us certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in July 2012, entitling us to bear the seal of quality "TÜV PROFI CERT ISO 9001".

Trust is good…but why not see for yourself how seriously we take our quality standards? Contact us or, even better, take a look around our company. You are welcome at any time

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